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Hello tumblrians.

Just wanted to say that I’ve followed a couple awesome fan art blogs that reposts things and I just wanna say; repost my art if you really want to, all I want is the credit. I mean, my art isn’t bad, but it’s pretty lame so it probably won’t happen, but just in case I get bit by a radioactive pencil and gain mad art skills go a right ahead ^^


1) I NEVER repost an art who is already on tumblr.

2) I ALWAYS put the source and I NEVER say that the drawings are mine

From now on I ask the permission,okay?  

Are you happy now? ^-^

Okay I realize that people have their opinions and here is mine: if you give an artist any type of credit it is better than not giving them at all. It is also a 1 up from actually lying about the ownership of an art piece. So you should all just shut your mouths because this is not lying, cheating or punishable by law. Stop making your own rules.


Anonymous asked:

I honestly don't know why people are suddenly mad at you for supposedly not "giving credit" to the artists. And it is not even close to disgusting. It's tumblr, people post art all the time without giving credit. And I'm sure the artist will be glad to have them share the work it's better then having no one know about it. I mean like it's like saying "you have to ask Van Gogh permission before you share his work" so I think she can post whatever she wants.


Credits are good!

But yes, basically I think like you! 

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